Once the information is entered, the simplified setup will generate a settings file, provide documentation indicating which settings are enabled, and an explanation of the parameters entered. It can operate over a complete facility and has the ability to compensate for lead length. Additional user programmable flex curves can be used to customize and meet specific coordination requirements. This feature adapts the pick up of overcurrent elements to override the higher overload currents resulting from re-energization of feeder after a long period of time. Event types are individually maskable in order to avoid the generation of undesired Trace any setting changes with security audit trail GEDigitalEnergy.

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Failsafe communications systems are crucial for industries and utilities with critical applications where no recovery time is tolerated.

Link Loss Alert LLA function detects any issue with one port and switch to the other one in case of failure. Directional Overcurrent Phase This element is intended to send a directional signal to an overcurrent element to prevent an operation when current is flowing in a particular direction. EnerVista Software The EnerVista suite is an industry leading set of software programs that simplifies every aspect of using the relay.

Temperature Monitoring The continually monitors ambient temperature around the relay and alarms when the device is exposed to extreme temperatures and undesirable conditions such as airconditioning unit or station heater failures.

Conducted RF Immunity khz: Similar features and form factor of some models of MII family devices allow users to replace their existing relays with 3 Series relays with enhanced protection and control features and advanced communications. Device Number Logical Node Description Also available with the is a rear communication port with Ethernet Fiber and Copper. The maintains a history of the last 10 changes made to the configuration, including modifications to settings and firmware upgrades.


GE Multilin 350 Industrial Feeder Protection System Controller Control Panel

This protective device is used to perform primary or back-up circuit protection on medium or multiin voltage feeders or transformers and down stream protection for utility and industrial switchgear. The draw-out construction of the device reduces downtime during maintenance and decreases extra wiring needed for relay testing and commissioning.

In the event of a breaker failure, the will issue an additional signal to trip the breakers connected to the same busbar or signal the trip of upstream breakers. Sensitive Ground Overcurrent Sensitive ground protection feature detects ground faults on high impedance grounded systems in order to limit damage to conductors and equipment.

Quadrature Voltage ABC phase sequence: For each reclose shot, the relay can be programmed to block any overcurrent element.

Traditionally, retrofitting or upgrading an existing relay has been a challenging and time consuming task often requiring re-engineering, panel modifications and re-wiring. Trigger source inputs per element: Co-existing forward and reverse Operating: Co-existing forward and reverse Polarizing: The relay stores multioin to events time tagged to the nearest millisecond. This cost-effective protective device is used to perform advanced feeder protection, control and monitoring in a draw-out or non draw-out design for low, medium and high voltage applications.

Logic Designer Protection The feeder protection system offers protection, control and monitoring in one integrated, economical and compact package.

Grid Solutions helps enable utilities multklin industry to effectively manage electricity from the point of generation to the point of consumption, helping to maximize the reliability, efficiency and resiliency of the grid.


With several Ethernet and serial port options, and a variety of protocols, the provides advanced and flexible communication selections for new and existing energy managementSCADA, and DCS systems.

Sixteen logic elements available for applications such as manual control, interlocking and peer to peer tripping. 305 element verifies that voltages at both sides of the breaker are within 305 magnitude, angle and frequency limits set by the user before closing the breaker, in order to minimize internal damage that could occur due to the voltage difference, both in magnitude and angle.

The TOC has both linear and instantaneous reset timing function to coordinate with electro-mechanical relays. The protocols supported by the include: Also available with the is a rear communication port with Ethernet Fiber and Copper.

Security Setting Reports include the following information: The can be used with reducing collars when the depth of LV compartment is limited.

Feeder Protection

Control Synchronism Check The Synchrocheck element is used for monitoring the connection of two parts of the circuit by the close of a breaker. Multiljn relay is a member of the 3 Series family of Multilin relays.

Ten button keypad for access to device interrogation and change of settings. The protocols usg by the include: The entire feeder protection setup can be completed in one easy step.