Big update to the CD-R page lots of new firmware. DVD manufacturers look like to have bad luck with the locked drives, lots of them come back from unhappy customers. Please be careful when applying the new firmware, and report back success or failure to me or on the firmware discussion board. We are waiting for your results. I need some infos about the drives.

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Thanks to all the testers!!

Matsushita sr-8584a Free Driver Download

When DVD manufacturers will see hacked firmware everywhere, they will probably ask them if RPC1 matshlta not better afterall. Didn’t seem to works correctly. The drive will became a 16X drive. It can be upgraded on a PC.

Matsushita CD / DVD Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

Updated the DVD list. A macintosh version here.

They are only usable if you have a 1. The utility actually support the GD and GD models with all firmware versions. Let you change your drive region.


To be installed correctly, a drive region code must be selected before using the patched 3X24 firmware. Some people with Xxp drives will be very happy! This firmware is only usable on drives sold by DELL. It can be used by user running any MA.

Some interresting files should arrive soon. I’m fucked, i must go to the army. The file is available in the utilities page.

It is not for the use of the drive in a PC. Updated the CD-R page and added firmware 1.

DVD-ROM firmware upgrade

See link for the page. Briana Paxtonew If you don’t want to care about firmware upgrade, that is the drive to go for. They used the Codebyte patching method to the drive and it works! Updated the link for the Samsung SD firmware 1.

Tested with firmware GH4S. Updated a bit the DVD page. Based on RPC-2 system, drives must also have region codes protection.


Matsushita CD / DVD Drivers Download

To be installed correctly, a drive region code must be selected before using the patched 5X37 firmware. It’s the first time a drive is patched before to be available to mahshita If you don’t want to flash your drive, you can reset indefinitively the drive region code by using this utility created by Mathsita. Send your result to the author. If you update or already have the firmware 41, which you have to anyway cause of it’s reading problem with firmware Please let know us if it works correctly.

Your old drivers can even be backed up and restored in case any problems occur. How to install sound card drivers?