Is there any documentation to communicate with the USB over Visa. Communication between BT Module and Laptop This test was similar to test 1 with the exception that one module was replaced by a Laptop with built in Bluetooth. Could someone please help me to do that? The receiver module test requires the simulation of the transmittal tones for the test to perform correctly, where as the transmitter and code generator test requires the output signals to be analysed. Multiplex one of ten 2-pole or one of five 4-pole signals into the Keithley Param forward S21 Param forward S

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I am attempting to power a draw-wire sensor using the excitation channels from the NI Could someone please help me to do that?

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Thanks for any suggestions. Operator safety was a key consideration for the hydraulic test rig. Message 9 of Thank you in advance. This happened at 25M for both parts of this test and was repeated several times with consistent results. One of the BT modules was placed inside a 2mm thick sealed aluminum box.

Only one type of unit is tested at any one time. The following graphs show typical S parameters for a switch unit. Amfax purchased 2 modules and conducted tests within our own factory environment.


Tektronix and Keithley

So double-click on it and you will be able to see included VI’s. Communication between BT Module and Laptop This test was similar to test 1 with the exception that one module was replaced by lbview Laptop with built in Bluetooth.

Message 3 of Bluetooth Low Energy notifications.

Traditional Test boxes have been in service for many years and typically require replacement due to fatigue. I am new to this meter and have never used anything as such to automate whatsoever.

Using cRIO as the product management system significantly reduced our development time and helped us get the various autonomous state machines of the multiple product control cells run keithhley far tighter timings than the normal 1ms tick of most PLCs.

This houses the coupler plate which contains multiple fixed and sprung probes. Do I have to use a separate software for that or is there a way to connect to the meter on the labview interface itself? I’m using a PC with Windows 10 and Labview Panel lettering were silkscreened or engraved and filled as appropriate. Thank you, Regards, Paul. All metal parts were Alochromed or similar to improve anti-corrosion properties with the surfaces painted if required.


Recent Amfax projects – Amfax test engineering solutions

A 20mm manual Z adjustment was also provided. Browse the Latest Snapshot.

In the past I have had success communicating with a Tektronix AFG function generator with no issues. I am currently establishing connection to the meter using pyvisa in python and it’s only through commands I communicate with the instrument. Device testing and characterization for today’s very small and power-efficient electronics requires sourcing low current levels, which demands the use of Many of them has internal buffer for data storage.

The Test Set includes the software to test each type, guiding the operator to perform any specific actions.

Our recent work We provide regular updates on the latest projects we have been working on. Browsing All Articles Articles. The illumination yields a smoothed histogram which should look like this: The single-channel Keithley Battery Simulator were designed specifically for development and test applications of portable, battery-operated products, such as cellular and cordless telephones, mo