I’ll give that a shot, but I still have concerns about the machine check and whether this will correct it. Sounds “politically corect” to me. I suggest trying the following in sequence: I see settings for that for the nvidia chipset which is SATA ports Oct 17, 5.

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Okay, out of what seemed to be a whim, i went into the HD boot order and moved my raptor from the k8b to the bottom spot 1 to spot 4. I sitll seem to be having trouble.

MSI K8N Neo4 SATA setup

Except for the bonehead move of putting my RAM into slots 1 and 3. Can these be setup and used for single drives, or are they RAID only? Your name or email address: I am bothered however that the BIOS still can not hardware detect the drives Discussion in ‘ Motherboards ‘ started by Krispy KritterSep 23, I don’t see any reference to them in the BIOS Moving into windows if everything seems to detect alright, sometimes the GB drive seems to function perfectly well, and for as long as my system stays up.

I missed that little DDR in the right hand column in row 6!

Yes, my password is: B which is the latest oner available. But yes your thinkings sound. Set boot order to floppy, cd, Raptor and see if you have any problems detecting drives. I do hope Microsoft removes the floppy requirement for installation of Vista onto SATA drives, because that is the only purpose floppy drives serve anymore for me anywayother than a BIOS upgrade here and there.


If that doesn’t work, no harm done, just plug it back the way you had it. Where the manual gets confusing is when it tells you to install sataa the green slots before the purple, as you pointed out.

I’m going to try it. Krispy KritterOct 17, This problem at first seemed confined to the GB, but my last boot to windows was crawling and anything i opened didnt respond, as the OS is housed on the raptor. I did this the morning I was building her and never really looked at it again until now, but still missed it! I’m not sure of the safa for that.

Can barely open folders, yet alone files.

MSI K8N Neo4 SATA setup | [H]ard|Forum

When it isn’t, before the windows loading scree, I get a blue screened error code, but the computer reboots almost instantaneously. I have noticed that in Device Manager, my “disk” is listed in the “hard drives” section.


I do NOT have the drives plugged into the purple slots satz you indicated but perhaps that is the right place. If i even manage to get a video file open, it’ll run at about 1 frame per minute if even that.

After contacting MSI support, I had to do more research on my own. I’ll neoo4 that a shot, but I still have concerns about the machine check and whether this will correct it.

That takes care of that problem. The drives are recognized during i8n by the BIOS. Maybe that’s why I can’t OC this puppy worth sheet. OK, here’s the story. Funny things seem to happen when HDD’s and opticals are being detected.

SATA and MSI K8N NEO4 Mobo – TechSpot Forums

Join the community here. The group is 8kn which took like 36 hoursactive, and available. Forgot to add u might also try changing ide gb to large as we don’t know if detection might be with this??