The biggest down side of Google Cloud Print is that setting it up can be painful, especially as you try to scale up. Google Cloud Print is known for being brand-independent and for working with legacy printers as well as newer ones. Check out this free whitepaper on achieving anywhere, any device printing! GCP routes the print jobs between computers, smartphones, or tablets and sends it to an Internet-connected printer. Below are four ways to print directly to your networked printer from a Chromebook.

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An ongoing challenge with public printing is the sometimes lack of a reliable connection and an installed driver. It is always possible that your print job can get lost and you will have to resend it.

Toronto, Canada, 7 October, — UniPrint www.

AirPrint allows you to detect and print from an iOS device to any AirPrint compatible printer that shares the same wireless network. Independent software vendors such as UniPrint. There is also no need to complex setups and driver installations as the service allows users to discover printers and print from their own devices. Even then, navigating and trying to print could be a real pain. With data on enterprise unipeint trends and costs, you are able to gain insight into the true costs of printing for management planning.

UniPrint Infinity allows users to delegate the right to print their documents to another user or user group s through PIN-coded user authentication on the vPad or assigned printers. The app takes care of the configuration, and allows you to print directly to your networked printer without the need to route your request through Google Cloud Print.


Organizations can deploy secure pull printing in a multi-vendor printer infrastructure and benefit from many features found directly on the multifunction device.

Whether you are using virtualization solutions or physical desktops, UniPrint Infinity is the print management solution of choice for your organization. For additional information on UniPrint, please visit www. UniPrint Infinity replaces all manufacturer printer drivers with a single PDF generator to promote faster, more efficient printing, helping organizations uniprinr improve both productivity and return on investments.

VPQ Connectors for Multi-Function Printers

If it is compatible with a wireless network, you can print to it directly from close by. As a result, achieving a Secure Print Infrastructure is an ongoing consideration for all responsible and compliant IT departments. Their secure cloud solution offers a downloadable app for iOS and Android devices that lets you easily location all ePRINTit public print location printers near you and instantly send print jobs to them.

VPQ Connector allows users to release print jobs securely and on-demand unipeint any printer without an additional investment in hardware. You need to consider which mobile applications are vendor agnostic with your mobile device and public location printers. For added security, users can easily implement a two-factor authentication process.

VPQ Connector allows seamless interoperability and product familiarity with the single intuitive interface on an MFP panel. Using the single intuitive interface on an MFP panel, users can use the existing features on the MFP and enjoy all the functionality and benefits of the UniPrint Infinity software, including simplified printer management, easy and error-free printer mapping, print statistics auditing and archiving, and a fully redundant printing setup with load balancing capabilities.

Today, innovations in secure cloud printing technology has now made it possible for users to print from anywhere, on the go.


How to Print from Anywhere: Your Guide to Printing on the Go

Google Cloud Print works with: Organizations can deploy secure pull printing in unipeint multi-vendor printer infrastructure.

HP Printing HP printer users have the simplest printing alternative: Print security threats are not only real, but also could and do manifest in enterprises. Below are four ways to print directly to your networked printer from a Chromebook. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Android devices also enjoy a wide range of wireless apps for direct printing from most printer vendors, as well as the benefits of Google Cloud Print and vendor specific plugins.

Until recently, printing options for users using Chrome OS devices or Chromebook was very limited. If you are sending a print job that is not immediately accessible, you need a solution ho can give you a security code and hold your print job for you until you get to a printer to retrieve it.

Enabling anywhere, anytime, any device secure pull printing, UniPrint Infinity comes with a proven ROI through its statistics module, print document archiving functionality and Virtual Print Queue technology. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

More commonly, if you are missing a driver, your print jobs may come out funny.