If I haven’t answered your question properly, tell me. No suitable driver found for jdbc. Can you create and open a database, and create data in it? I need to say again that I don’t run any derby server with “server start” command before I run my entire server. Employee on table Employee Firstly, can you find a ‘derby.

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I need another set of eyes to look over my work. It’s weird ronchalant wrote: No suitable driver found for jdbc: Did you write this server code yourself, or is it a well-known server of some type?

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Setup my doubt is on this part of “Setting the class path” link, maybe because I read the windows version and not the linux one: Ganesh 1 1 3. I can not successfully connect to the database.

For example, some application servers have security constraints in their class loading behaviors, and won’t allow application code to load arbitrary libraries without configuring the server’s security system sutable allow the library loading. CounterSpell 1 7. If these run, then the classpath is working properly, as least for Derby’s purposes.


Maybe you already said, but what kind of server are you using? Please be careful with the version. By the way, I did not rename any file, maybe I have to add all the others packages But you can also specify an absolute path to the database location: I think the next thing to try is to get more information about the actual exception that is thrown.

It looks like I’m structuring everything correctly Here, the relevant application is the server, since it is the one making the JDBC calls.

I believe that the server will need to have derby.

java – SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:derby://localhost – Stack Overflow

I found the newly created database in the NetBeans project folder. I just bumped into this problem, tried all above suggestions but still failed. No suitable driver found for jdbc: That problem is really odd. My project is working!

Search everywhere jxva.sql.sqlexception in this topic Advanced Search No suitable driver found for jdbc: ClientDriver when working in server mode. Thank you for all of your help: I was missing DriverManager. I wrote my settings in the first post. Since the connection URL looks fine, I bet that the driver isn’t loaded at all.


I often write small scripts to do the setup and to manage switching from one configuration to another, but when I run a Java program, it’s with a complete classpath that is explicit and that I fully understand. But you can also specify an absolute path to the database location:. And just in case, check that derbyclient.

Derby : No suitable driver found for jdbc:derby:db;create=true

Thu Dec 02 Possible duplicate of The infamous java. You think i need to specify the complete path So Suitablle suggest changing your classpath argument to specify the full name of derbyrun.

I had the same problem when I was writing Java application on Netbeans.