Interlink ePad Driver Universal Installer 6. The consignor would have been well-advised to take the money, if there was any. Lightly cracking seats and water spots behind the back seats. Older partially restored frame. X-Mouse is a great way to get more out of your mouse. Given the five years of enjoyment since, this result seems reasonable.

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The body is a little wobbly. Light restoration work underneath but not fully redone. There is notable cracking in the seats and some smudges on the dash. Very good restored interior. Paint blisters on the tail and left side of the body.

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A prime car for Mustang collectors. In the 93 transactions that follow observed on-site by Andrew Newton there are some rather notable deviations from expected values, both over and under. A standard driver quality big bumper Silver Shadow.

Go surfing with it. Disregarding its retrofit Tri-Power it has chops as it was built and k-b2825, simply, a massive value at this price even in this mediocre condition.

It is reasonable to infer that the successive buyers have been daunted by the magnitude of turning this sound but aged Packard into a reliable tour car, much less a show winner.


Even at this price this is a sound value in a quality, carefully and freshly restored GSX. Very good fully restored interior. Crack in the hood but otherwise good paint. A basic driver quality cruiser with a cool name. Lightly scratched headlight bezels. The paint is shiny and well-kept but there are some small chips in the front. A handful of chips and scratches on the nose. Light cracking in the seats front and back, but mostly well preserved original interior.

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The interior is fantastic as well with hardly any signs of wear. The problem is that at a price like this the cost of the nut-and-bolt restoration needed to bring top dollar will leave it permanently underwater. Restoration work underneath at some point. Not much history represented. Single repaint in the s. All original and represented to be 49, miles, but it was clearly put away wet and looks like it lived outside for a while.

A neat driver in cool colors. Plenty of dirt and dust in the engine bay. Older paint with a scratch near the radio antenna.


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The seats are in decent shape, but the rest of the interior is dirty and faded. Not a spec of dirt or grime under the body. Good equipment and good colors on a car rarely seen in this condition, close enough to perfect not to make much difference — A big, powerful, exciting car with enough power to light up its skinny little tires at the touch of the throttle, colotsit the top goes down.

Matshita Bd Mlt Uj Driver version: All these problems are only visible close up, however, and this is original paint.

Mecum Auctions, Harrisburg, August 2-4, 2018

Small cracks on the front fender vents. Lot F Buick Special 2-Dr.

Even just a new paint job would make a huge difference, but this is still just a mediocre late SC. Tidy and restored underneath.