Click on Start 2. Click on For Files or Folders … 4. Hello everyone, I want to use javax. Win32Driver I have assigned the default port, so is it saying that the port list is null? Can you help me out?

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However, from the error you posted, it seems that you java compiler can not access the library to identify the ports on your machine.

It works very nicely as a java program. I have it somewhere, it is java.lang.classnotfoindexception to take some time to locate the sample code I have.

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Converting program into an applet

Have something to contribute to this discussion? If available if you can provide me the link then it will be most help ful, cheers!! But when you open a project, check for the path of the already added libraries below the package folder in solution explorer.

Ok, I have done that – the code has been placed into init. For example, in netbeans under project window, there is a library or Jar folder that shows all the libraries utilized by the project. It can’t find “COM1” using the Solaris classes which is hardly surprising. It also can’t the Windows classes, which is also hardly surprising if you didn’t install them. But when i am trying to add this applet in the HTML page it is not running and in the console this error is coming.


Since this driver is no longer under development there is not much to do about it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I love to help out, but there is one small problem.

about serial cable communication using Java

These can be either paths to directories containing ports or paths to specific serial or parallel ports. Like into the init?? I am using window 8. Win32Driver while loading driver com. Look for yellow icon that looks like a folder 8.

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I would like to pass the COM port if possible. Currently, I can not find enough learning materials tutorials and samples from searching the net. My app now finds the javax.

I just need to list the comm ports available in windows. Click on For Files or Folders … com.sun.comm.win32drier. Win32Driver Error loading SolarisSerial: Posted by Circuit Negma on February 7, What is the advantage of the applet version?

But anyway check out the API Specs http: Please, what can I do to correct this as I need it for my project to work today? If so, java.lang.classnotfonudexception do I make this run first?


Can you help me out? I want to convert it to an applet – I have reviewed some basic applet tutorials and put the com.sun.cokm.win32driver Applet” as well as the approapriate import stmts into my code. Can 2 threads access the serial port through wait and notify….