Any help much appreciated. Select whether to require the user to enter a fax number twice to send a fax by directly entering the fax number. Can I directly fax a file on my computer without leaving my desk? Directly entering multiple destinations Load the original. It eases the operation to register a group that contains a number of destinations beforehand. Save received faxes in a User Box without printing them out then print out only the faxes you need. Enter the registration name for the group destination.

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Operations Required to Use Fax Functions

This has help me before on a ce with a similar issue. Enter the registration name for the group destination. You can also specify a computer or Biznub address for the forwarding destination by tapping [Select from Address Book] and selecting it from registered one-touch destinations. When using multiple telephone lines, you can specify a line of the forwarding destination. Checking the modular cable connection Check that a modular cable is connected between the LINE port and the appropriate telephone line.

How to Send a Fax

Select [Yes] and configure the respective items for forwarding faxes. By default it’s set to Japan. Enter the name and the fax number of the destination, then click [Add Recipients]. Originally Posted by emujo.


However, the machine will convert the setting into the value preset in this machine instead of operating in the way you have specified. I am no longer sure where exactly the speed set is bihzub service mode, but i know its in there. Sending a fax by relay distribution Load the original. From [System], select [Memory RX].

In the service mode you can set them. Selecting multiple addresses from the address book Load the original.

The specified fax number is compared with the remote fax number CSI and data is sent only when those fax numbers match. Originally Posted by Mitch Barron. Operation procedure Load the original. You can select up to destinations. Tips The F-Code transmission function can be used to communicate with a counterpart machine provided with the F-Code function.

Using this function helps to prevent wrong transmission or not forget sending of a fax. Within your intranet, the IP Address Fax function can be used. Use the Internet C24 function to send an E-mail message with an attachment containing the scanned data merely at expenses for online communications via the Internet.

The date and gax you set will be the reference time for the Timer TX that enables communication at a preset time. c2224

Internet Fax Functions

List] tab, and tap [Proof Print], then press Start. Bizhub C Fax Error Hi Thanks for the suggestion you can make and receive a call, it worked fine on the machine removed.


Fax Functions The Fax is a communication function that uses a telephone line to send scanned originals paper or to receive data sent from remote machines.

Up to group destinations can be registered. If a digital dedicated line is multiplexed in an enterprise network, c2224 transmission speed may be limited, or the Super G3 fax may not be available.

If no number is biahub, the smallest number available is assigned to the destination.

Specifying the type of telephone line Specify the type dialing method of telephone line to which this machine is to be connected. Select [Normal], then tap [OK]. Fqx Fax is a communication function that uses a telephone line to send scanned originals paper or to receive data sent from remote machines. Tips You can also set a line to use when registering a one-touch destination. Registering Header Position Register the name of this machine and the company name sender name as well as the fax number of the biahub.