I wonder if it is a software command problem rather than hardware. How do I check the thermal fuse? Seems to work ok but when printing a test page or any page there seems to be “bubbles” flowing onto the page from the right. That’s very valuable to other LW users, vandy. I installed from scratch. Only difference is the side rails. Just do a save target as on Chris’ farrer.

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Ask about specific parts. I have to decide whether to keep this printer and buy some toner or go with a USB printer. Since it is a printwr that shouldn’t happen, and that you somehow put in, I’m unable to advise you how to fix it. The ImageWriter II came in two models.

LaserWriter Select | Low End Mac

I have had my Laserwriter Select laseerwriter since it was new. The parts on this page are good USED parts unless specifically noted. Laserwriter Pro Postscript laser printer. Set it to the one that would best work for Windows. It’s the large board on top of the printer that has the output connectors at the back. There is no way to make it go any faster.


Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Standard Laser Printer

If there is papaer in the tray, they will be held pringer more than when there is no paper. Everytime I do printing on this printer, paper comes out with 2 or 3 lines of blotch on. I tried to pull very hard but cannot pull out. I really don’t know what would cause clicking noises from the cartridge. I’ve got the Centris connected with Laserwriter srlect installed and printer connected with local talk connectors at both ends.

From what homepage can I download the Aople Page. Amazingly enough, I put Apple into the big box on the main page and this is what I got. I am using it with a DLink wireless print server and it worked great until now.

Apple LaserWriter Select | FixYourOwnPrinter

Small inkjet intended for laptop and portable use. Hi guys, OK, I found this old lying in a skip today, I cleaned out the builders rubbish that had fallen inside, and following your advice set the button on the back to 4 and yay it worked!

Often I will put a drop of water at the end of the ink “tank” or at the printhead. If so — reply!!


They’re almost the cost of the printer. I put 4 on the switch selector, and found that it wouldn’t print the correct PDF doc out from Laserwritee. If it’s the right side, then you came to the right place.

Apple LaserWriter Select 360

I wonder if it is a software command problem rather than hardware. Check my list of Mac frequent questions for appel info.

Can buy a Laserwriter for reasonable amount. Scanner assembly is mounted on the bottom of the printer. I’m just going to buy a new printer.

Any ideas of how to get rid of this? Color Stylewriter “portable” inkjet printer. Printer shipping weight 40 lbs. That’s very valuable to other LW users, vandy. Check the printer’s manual for explanations.

Do the flashes mean anything?