I had changed the password previously and forgot it! This is your Wifi-password. Thank you Sam… By doing this will it automatically make the second router act as a repeater? Could you tell me does WiFi use up you monthly data or is it free data. I just moved to Spain for a longer vacation. Does anybody know if this router is IPv6 capable, I am trying to set up a home station on my 2 computers running Windows 7 and this is the only point outstanding?

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Hi, it seems you both have Movistar Imagenio which means the router must be configurated on Portal Alejandra. You should be able to see and access the external device through your Network. Hope somebody knows how!!

Consider donating If you feel that this website or we have helped you in anyway, please consider making a donation as our time and experience is not free. Name the device so that you recognise it later on and Workgroup-name your computers are using. To modify Wifi security and password click the Wifi-figure and enter the password And it does not work with Portal Alexandra.

Hi Carol — whether the device is connected via WiFi or Ethernet cable, anything you do when connected to the internet so browsing, downloading, Skyping or sending e-mails etc uses data so will be eating into your allowance — its hard to be prescriptive about how much each uses — so an e-mail with lots of photos uses lots more than a simple text one.


Unfortunately it seems there is a vulnerability in this device.

The configuration looks quite simple. I have the asl — any idea of how many dbi the Wireless is sending?

Movistar Homestation Amper ASL 26555

As the aerials do not unscrew to allow a bigger aerial do you have any ideas how this signal can be strengthened please? You can also see if your USB-device is connected and working. Now that the Sky satellite changeover has taken place teldfonica we have lost lots of the channels this service is just the ticket for my watching habits — I suggest you try it out.

I have followed this to the letter, but no luck. Configuration depends of your internet provider and you must have the necessary information to be able to use this modem. I have called Movistar about this.

Movistar Homestation Amper ASL | Broadband in Spain

This modem needs to be rebooted every time the configuration is changed and modem reboot can be wwifi through. I have downloaded the software from moviestar so that I can print via the rear USB port on my router.

It was ok till this December, in december speed goes down to: Otherwise it will mess up your network as there are 2 devices sending IP address to other devices etc. Can someone guide me how to please? Hi, Is there any way that this router can be setup just as a WiFi Access Point for the far end of my apartment?


With the latter, I get no menu and no possibility to set up port forwarding amped to change channel. Wifu have a Movistar Home Station installed. You can attach the cable from the 1st router to any of the ports behind the device. It seemed to only ask for a password. That should do it. I am unable to find any option for his however. Hi Steven, I had exactly the same problem. Movistar has few manuals in English on their website: Nick Burlin Freelance I.

Status This page tells you if the connection is working and your connection IP-addresses blurred. Unfortunately, with this Homestation teoefonica Movistar seems to have wjfi the passcode from to????

I have looked into Alphanetworks homepage but could not find any specification.

Is it possible to have two wifi names on this router.