My phone was hooked up to my BT headset for phone audio, and was hooked to the Kanex for media audio, and my notebook might have been talking to it as well and audio got very chopped. I was particularly interested in using the AirBlue in my car, a Honda CR-V that has a center console between the driver and passenger seats that contains an auxiliary audio port. This first AirBlue delivered robust volume and made it easier to handle my phone. It was painful to listen to, and I gave up after several tries. Overall, it is good looking, portable and practical product that I would recommend anytime.

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Like most devices which bluetpoth not directly wired to radios or any device it gives a very small hiss sound but depends also on quality of speakers in vehicle. With a single tap, the iPhone and AirBlue were paired.

Reducing the amount of things talking to it fixed it. No Longer Available Update Location close. I’m happy with the product.

But, because of its design and rechargeable battery, I took a risk and purchased it anyways. Twice bit and now shy. There are a lot airnlue similar solutions available for Bluetooth connections to speakers. Months later however, the female jack also broke and cannot be used anymore. The receiver does everything it says it does.

Rated 3 aitblue of 5 by Nowcap50 from Works well, Battery doesn’t last as long Use this to Internet radio from the iPad to a nice old portable radio with a line input. Can’t comment on blustooth battery life yet, used it for approximately 3 hours but still has juice left. The Kanex AirBlue Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver is a portable music receiver that lets you wirelessly play, listen and control media from your Apple iPod touch, iPhone or MP3 player or any other Bluetooth-enabled device through your home stereo or speakers from up to 33 feet away.


Setting it up is simple; connect the AirBlue to your home stereo system with the included cables, and pair your Bluetooth-enabled device with the receiver.

Kanex AirBlue: A portable Bluetooth music solution

I kept the AirBue in my shirt pocket during normal usage without any mishandling. Because it turns the AirBlue off and saves the battery, instead of constantly searching for bluetooth devices. Pairing the unit is also quite easy. Rated 1 out of 5 by Otto Tellick from Low- to no-fidelity When I tried to send audio from my macbook pro to my stereo system via this AirBlue receiver, what came out was most of the transmitted audio not all of itcombined with clicks, pops, and even variations in playback speed.

Though it has a USB power which my car does but if your vehicle doesn’t you can look online or stores and find a port which connects to a cigarette lighter with the USB port, example like some aftermarket chargers for iPhones.

From around the web.

Airbluue a semi-rigid audio connector; think of a pipe cleaner chenille stem for the non-smokers out there with audio cables in it. To blast tunes from the iPhone to the aibrlue system in my car and also see what would happen if I tried to use it to listen to Navigon Mobile Navigator turn-by-turn instructions. Sometimes my phone and Airblue wouldn’t connect properly, so I have to reconnect them again to receive proper sound. But every time I turn-off the bluetooth or my car, I need need to hold the power button for 4 seconds.

Sound quality is acceptable – though most everything I’ve listened to it through are stock car HUs or my bookshelf stereo.


AirBlue – Bluetooth Music Receiver

It was painful to listen to, and I gave up after several tries. There might be better bluetooth receivers available and maybe I just got a faulty AirBlue unit, and other people have better luckbut for me the modest purchase price was money wasted.

Setup lbuetooth the AirBlue is a piece of cake. However Don’t take my review the wrong way, the Kanex Bluetooth audio receiver is definitely a nice gadget!

One for myself and one a gift. Simply connect it to a USB-powered device to keep it powered up Long-Life Battery With up to 10 working hours, you’ll have more than enough battery to keep your tunes playing all day long, no matter where you are. Pressing it for 6 seconds puts it into discovery mode, indicated by the LED flashing about 4 times per second. Took away 1 star for wireless range, i did run into interference here and there under 15 feet. Using the AirBlue I was particularly interested in using the AirBlue in my car, a Honda CR-V that has a center console between the driver and passenger seats that contains an auxiliary audio port.

With a tap on the AirPlay button, I was able to select the AirBlue as the recipient of the music below and had “Friend of the Devil” blasting from my car speakers.

The Kanex AirBlue is currently available for pre-order on the Kanex website.