Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Agfa ePhoto CL18 – digital camera aghvue. Resolution was very good, and Agfa’s “PhotoGenie” interpolation and artifact-removal technology worked surprisingly well. You can still see JPEG artifacts, but they are greatly reduced relative to those in the unmodified camera image. We measured the power-on delay time at about 8 seconds in REC mode. So Agfa never really was a digital camera manufacturer.

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White Balance White Balance.

File:Agfa ephoto jpg – Wikimedia Commons

No adjustment is provided for backlight illumination, but we’ve often found such controls gafa be of limited usefulness anyway, and the ‘s screen seems somewhat more resistant to washout in sunlight than most. To accommodate a range of different external flash units, the provides a choice of three different lens apertures f2.

The combination of ephoro lens apertures, shutter speeds, and the official ISO rating would predict a usable illumination range of EV10 to EV The viewfinder LCD on the ePhoto also has a useful “low light” mode, in which the screen refresh is slowed to allow the CCD to gather more light, creating a brighter viewfinder image.

Agfa haven’t made that mistake this time. On the other hand, we’d like some positive indication of the camera’s avfa or lack thereof in achieving focus.

Mobile by Stephen Shankland 10 days ago. On the Mac though, QuickLink supports the Mac’s maximum asynchronous serial-port speed of Kbaud, while the main PhotoWise app itself is restricted to the Kbaud rate that’s a common denominator between Mac and PC serial speeds.


Some camera manufacturers have unfairly taken knocks for “poor autofocus” in dim lighting, when the fault in many cases may lie with the photographer for not stabilizing the camera sufficiently. Agfa work with Sierra Imaging Inc to produce PhotoWise, some of the best acquisition and processing software around. How to scan and archive your old printed photos How to scan and archive your old ephot photos by Sharon Profis. Advanced Settings in REC mode Besides the basic settings previously outlined, you can customize the ePhoto to better align with your own picture-taking habits.

Connecting the ePhoto to a computer is equally simple: Note ‘like’ but not ‘the same as’. Mobile Accessories qgfa Joshua Goldman Nov 5, In a nice touch though, the Agfa PhotoWise application allows you to upload images from your hard drive back to the camera in a format that the camera can recognize. How I hate serial interfaces! Test Results In keeping with recent policy, our comments here are rather condensed, summarizing our key findings: A simple push of the Info button on the left-side of the LCD ephkto returns the camera to normal operation.

Additional Features Self-Timer Epuoto.

In the low-angle picture, I am using a x0. All the ePhoto’s resolution modes have an aspect ratio of 4 to 3 1. Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera.

First is mode x pixels. We measured the power-on delay time at about 8 seconds in REC mode. Gadgets by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost ephotl it all Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost has it all by Lori Grunin.


Agfa ePhoto 1680 (1998)

An ‘EasyPilot’ control – a clever combination of small selector wheel and push button – is used to select all the camera’s functions: It uses the tiny “SmartMedia” removable-memory cards, and comes equipped with a 4 MB unit. Toys sgfa Tabletop Games by Bonnie Burton 8 days ago.

You can view thumbnails of all the images in the camera or PC Card adapter or FlashPath floppy-disk adapterand then select either the specific ones you’re interested in, or choose to download all of them. We also observed the ‘s LCD ehpoto to have a particularly high refresh rate, showing little or no blurring or ghosting even for fairly rapidly-moving subjects. Murphy’s law definitely applies to rechargeable e;hoto The Agfa PhotoGenie image-enhancement technology appears to offer a genuine benefit, in the form of improved image quality at all resolution levels.

This pre-production camera came with two sets of batteries and a fast charger. All images are captured and stored in JPEG format.