To finish SP3 installation i plugged in a PS2 keyboard. I have seen two machines so far, including yours, with the 0x message. Have the A8n-sli deluxe board silicon raid 0, and stable until april 14 then started getting random bsod. Summary of the content on the page No. Control sets hold all the configuration data for the computer, including all drivers that load.

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SP3 should not be rolled out via Auto Updates at the moment. Had no choice but to reboot because I couldn’t do anything else.

I am going to scan now though i doubt a malware is to be blamed for this.

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I even took the risk of not backing up my system like I usually do, because I am so behind in organizing all my data before a backup. I 3crshwp796 wanted to say thank you for your part in getting me set off in the right direction. But if you install XPS 3 one hard drive and then reenable the second sata drive then the second BSOD comes back and the only work around is to press F8 until the popup boot menu comes up and then press Esc button and quickly press F8 and then choose Disable automatic restart on system failure you have to do this everytime you restart or turn off pc.

In my shop, the problem only hit Dell GX and Inspiron ‘s both intel platforms.


In fact, HP itself lays down the intelppm. I can’t even attempt to install SP3 anyhow! This is on I believe an AMD based HP machine having first attempted an SP3 install, got the reboot issue, uninstalled SP3 via safe mode, then tried again and this time had the disabling of intelppm fix done on it which resulted in the 24 error and no access to safe mode. After all, if a driver 3vrshpw796 listed in the registry, and the operating system is instructed to load it, developers could very easily make the assumption that the driver is present on the computer and actually does load.

Are you sure it is not them? It was saying something about there being no ControlSet and that my registry may be corrupted.

I have a dell dp d with intel core2 duo. I had to do a repair install to resolve the problem. I am thinking about removing the HDD and linking it to a laptop to disable the offending file. Installed it just on my non-production Win XP and everything went fine.

I have not had a boot problems but my computer occasionally blue screens while watching a DVD. In fact the computer did not boot at all but shut it self off after a few seconds without ever activating the monitor.

Only installed min drivers sound video AMD cpu driver and Nvida nforce driver pack. I think several people have 3crsjpw796 problems with those ATI drivers. As soon as I plug them in the system restarts. Fortunately, I still can boot in Linux system, otherwise, how do you expect those victims access the Web for help?


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Make sure you only deploy that fix on a computer that will have the problem though. The Operating system should decide to 3crsnpw796 these drivers at boot based on what chip they are running on, not at original OS install time.

A friend also early on advised me of the ibmppm disable solution and done that I think that is what froze it the first time. Control sets hold all the configuration data for the computer, including all drivers that load. I restarted the system without the flash drive and it came back up fine.

Don’t show me this message again. Here’s an odd one. Anyone seen this one? After this the sp3 installation ran to completion and my computer appears to be back to normal. There may be some other problems that affect BigIT. When stuff is bumped around, either the devices aren’t butting heads over the same IRQ, or maybe windows has to re-detect devices when they’re bumped around. SP3 said it had failed to install correctly, then Uninstalled itself.